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ISU Wilson Insurance is an independent insurance agency headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Our goal is to help you find the most competitively priced insurance products from a select number of highly-rated and respected insurance carriers. Our experience provides you with real advantages when evaluating your personal and commercial insurance needs. If you need a trusted insurance advisor, whether it pertains to personal automobile insurance, homeowner's insurance, or tailored business insurance, please contact us.

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"Dee Edwards has consistently gone the extra mile to help us streamline the insurance coverage for our business.  Her follow-through in obtaining the required documentation for us to dispute an expensive, unnecessary requirement by one of our lenders has saved us tens of thousands of dollars per year.  Dee and the ISU Wilson Insurance team have earned our business at each and every renewal cycle."

Mr. Bill Thomas CFO, M.A.L., Inc.

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Homeowners Coverage for Gradual Water Damage

Home ownership is a big responsibility. When you include all of the interior and exterior maintenance for which an owner is responsible, on top of the daily chores, owning a home merits a lot of planning and forethought.  

Obtaining the right homeowners coverage is a complex element in taking care of your home. Without the proper coverage, a homeowner's investment can quickly be destroyed.  Many homeowners purchase their homeowners insurance and never look back, not realizing that there are many perils that are excluded, even with the best possible homeowners insurance forms.  That brings us to today's topic: gradual water damage.  This type of loss is an excellent example of a common peril that is typically not covered under a homeowners insurance policy.

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Should you buy Flood Insurance?

Flash flooding can occur anywhere, regardless of whether your property is located within a defined "Flood Zone" area.  A standard homeowner’s or business owner's policy does not cover flood damage. You must purchase a separate policy to have coverage for damage caused by "rising surface waters".  Pipes bursting, leaking, or other water damage from internal water sources are generally considered to be covered causes of loss and are not considered "floods". 

It’s a good idea to contact our agency to start the application process early - most flood insurance policies have a mandatory 30-day waiting period before they take effect.
For more specific information regarding flood insurance, please see the following:
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Six Signs That Your Injured Employee is being Treated by a Non-Employer Friendly Physician

Most states allow an injured worker to seek care with whatever physician the employee prefers.  There are some rules to follow, but as long as the doctor cooperates there usually is not a problem. 

But when there is a problem, it is usually a big problem.  When the adjuster is working with a doctor that does not want to cooperate and respond to certain questions, that is a major issue.  This issue will affect the injured worker by affecting care and time off of work. It can cause the claim to go to litigation.  Something as simple as going to the doctor for an injury can morph into a serious legal issue. 
Please read on for some warning signs that a claim could be heading down a bumpy road.
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