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Physical Damage Insurance

Protect your truck from any outside force.


What Is Physical Damage Insurance?

This type of coverage plan is actually a combination of three other plans including Collision Insurance, Comprehensive Insurance, and Fire and Theft Insurance. They all work together to make sure that when your truck collides with an object, overturns, or is stolen, the damage is paid for or is replaced. Physical Damage Insurance is required for trucks that are leased and is optional for trucks that are fully paid for. However, with so many outside forces that could damage your truck, it would be wise to view the coverage plan as a requirement for fully paid trucks rather than just optional.

What It Covers

Pay to repair or replace your vehicle if it:

  • Collides with another object (ex: a telephone pole)
  • Overturns or rolls due to outside forces

Why You Should Have Physical
Damage Insurance

You put yourself at risk for several different reasons when you work on the road. Don’t increase your chances by driving without coverage. You never know what could happen to your truck; therefore, having Physical Damage Insurance can only help you in the long run (or rather, long ride).

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