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Road Rage – A Growing Problem

It’s affecting drivers around the globe. It claims hundreds of lives every year.

It’s called road rage, a condition that often involves anger or violence associated with on-road driving activities. This serious problem manifests itself through bizarre and often violent behavior. Since 1998, in the USA alone, over 50,000 road rage incidents have been reported to authorities.  Many more go unreported.

What can be done? Most experts agree that the first step is to prepare yourself so that you will not be the next victim. This means avoidance at any cost. You do not know if the driver beside you is a ticking bomb or has concealed weapons in his or her vehicle. It’s best to avoid any altercation with other motorists – period! Local and State governments are currently trying to solve this problem through regulations, enforcement and increased penalties. Solutions take time. Don’t become a victim – take preventative measures now!
Here are some Do’s and Don’ts that you can use to prevent a road rage attack:
  • move over to allow tailgaters to pass
  • allow plenty of time for any trip you take
  • leave law enforcement to the authorities
  • use the passing lane only to pass
  • contact police with a description of the vehicle, licence number and driver if you are confronted with road rage
  • ignore gestures from other drivers
  • avoid eye contact with other motorists
  • be considerate and courteous
  • tailgate or flash your lights at other drivers
  • insist on the right of way if challenged by another driver
  • make eye contact, hand gestures or show irritation with aggressive drivers
  • assume all foolish or aggressive acts by other motorists are intentional
  • honk your horn unless absolutely necessary

Please contact our agency if you have questions about best practices regarding overall driver safety.