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Care Insurance

Make sure you are protected and cared for throughout your times of need.


What is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care allows you the care you’ll need if you become chronically ill or unable to perform necessary day-to-day activities without assistance. Health coverage from your employer will not pay for daily, extended care services. Medicare will cover a short stay in a nursing home, or a limited amount of at-home care, but only under very strict conditions. To help cover potential long-term care expenses, some people choose to buy long-term care insurance.

What it offers:

  • The ability to preserve your savings
  • The ability to maintain independence
  • The assistance you need from caring providers

Prepare For the Future with Long-Term Care Insurance

Like life insurance, long-term care insurance benefits you the most if you plan ahead and purchase when you’re young and in good health. Ask your agent if this is the right move for you based on your health history.

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