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Deferred Compensation Planning
for Business Owners

Be ready for the retirement you deserve.


Is Your 401(k) Going to
Provide Enough?

If you are a high-earning business owner, your 401(k) has contribution limits on it that allow you to save only a certain amount of tax-deferred dollars per year. While this amount is fine for the average employee, it may not be enough to allow you to comfortably keep up your lifestyle in retirement. Deferred compensation planning is a great solution to
this issue.

The Nonqualified Deferred
Compensation Plan

Known as the NQDC, this plan allows the business owner to save for retirement on top of their 401(k). In the plan, the individual defers some of their compensation to a later date. This is useful for retirement, because business owners can collect their tax-deferred savings after retirement, when they are likely to be in a lower tax bracket.

Get Assistance from Financial Experts

There are a few ways Deferred Compensation Plans can benefit you as a business owner. At Wilson Insurance Services, we can help you create the best plan to set you up for a worry-free retirement after all your hard work.

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