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5 Easy Ways to Save on Your Insurance

We all wish we had a little more money in the bank. Aside from the obvious steps — like canceling an unused gym membership or cutting back on your online shopping — are there other ways to save a few bucks each month?

Without reducing your home or auto protection, these simple tips might help you save on your insurance costs.

Take a look and see if any of these ideas might work for you:

Ask About Discounts

Bundling your home and auto coverage might be one savings option. You could also save by installing security features in your home. And discounts exist for low-mileage driving, making infrequent claims and having a teen driver who earns good grades.

Reduce Coverage When Needed

If your car is older and it’s paid off, you may be able to reduce your coverage. At least once a year, we should reassess your coverage and discuss whether you might be overpaying.

Don’t Skip Rental Insurance

If you’re currently renting a home or apartment, it’s important to invest in renter’s insurance. When you do, you’ll be able to start building a positive history that could help you earn lower home insurance rates later.

Keep Your Home and Car in Good Shape

Frequent claims will increase your costs. To help avoid this, make sure to stay on top of maintenance tasks. Have your roof and HVAC systems inspected regularly and keep up with oil changes, tire health and other routine car care.

Make Wise Buying Decisions

Before you buy an expensive vehicle, be sure to reach out to learn about the expected costs for coverage so there are no surprises later.

Ready to Save?

Reach out today to discuss possible discounts, bundling and other savings options. This quick conversation could help keep money in your pocket.