Wilson Insurance Joins the ISU Network of Independent Insurance Agencies

Winston-Salem, NC 7/19/2013

Effective July 15, 2013 Wilson Insurance Services, Inc. joined the ISU Network of 150 of the largest, best-capitalized Independent Insurance Agents in the country.  ISU Wilson Insurance now represents over 350 preferred carriers who write over $1.7 Billion in annual premium for more than 100,000 businesses and 3,000,000 families and individuals.  Our carrier access gives us the capacity to find you the best value for your premium dollar on every transaction.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, ISU has won numerous national awards for consistently delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction since 1979. Through the proprietary ISU One Responsible Source™ concept, our clients around the country gain access to a nationwide delivery system for comprehensive and integrated risk management solutions. Business owners and indiviudals have the convenience of buying their insurance from a single point of contact.  Our enhanced product offerings include Property and Liability, Employee Benefits, Personal Insurance, Human Resources, Loss Control, Claims Administration and Premium Financing Services.

The ISU Network is an organization exclusively for independent insurance agents that offers a cohesive national database of insurance knowledge. The Power of Independence and the Strength of Unity allows ISU's member agencies to solve complex insurance and financial risk management problems.  Our national leverage improves overall pricing, coverage terms, and claims processing for our clients.  ISU Wilson Insurance can now deliver the strengths and resources of a national organization, while maintaining the personal attention expected from a locally-owned business.

ISU Wilson Insurance - Our Knowledge is Your Best Assurance™. 

Top US Brokers:

Company Premiums*
1. Lockton Cos. L.L.C. $9.54 B
2. HUB International Ltd. $4.87 B
3. USI Holdings Corp $2.47 B
4. Alliant Insurance Services Inc. $2.42 B
5. Keystone Insurers Group Inc. $1.78 B
6.     ISU Agency Network $1.61 B
7. Assured Partners, LLC $1.41 B
8. Leavitt Group Inc. $1.11 B
9. IMA Financial Group Inc. $799 M
10. Insurance Office of America Inc. $777.22 M


*2011 P/C Premium Written
Source: Insurance Journal Aug 2012

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One Responsible Source™


One answer for all of your insurance needs…

  • Provide ongoing comprehensive exposure analyses and appropriate transfer of risk through proper insurance
  • Negotiate coverages and premiums rather than obtain quotes
  • Respond satisfactorily to all requests within 24 hours
  • Obtain lower costs through the interrelationship of employee benefits and workers' compensation insurance
  • Shop the market for the best overall value at every renewal
  • Avoid costly workers' compensation claims and over-reserving
  • Lower employee benefit costs
  • Make available Human Resource and enrollment advice
  • Prepare an easy-to-understand summary of all policies in force
  • Provide claims reporting and settlement assistance

Convenience is important...


But knowing that you are receiving the best value, that your exposures are consistently updated and monitored, and that you are dealing with a provider that has a high level of personal interest in your account  is paramount. We have resources necessary to get the job done.

Most business owners would like the convenience of buying all their insurance from one source...


The ISU Knowledge database provides our clients access to over 350 of the most aggressive and competitive insurance companies.

Our Insurance Services...



Value Added Services:



Specialty Programs:



Please contact our agency to have us analyze current insurance exposures for your business or your family.  

ISU Wilson Insurance - Our Knowledge is Your Best Assurance™.

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What Our Customers Say!

"Dee Edwards has consistently gone the extra mile to help us streamline the insurance coverage for our business.  Her follow-through in obtaining the required documentation for us to dispute an expensive, unnecessary requirement by one of our lenders has saved us tens of thousands of dollars per year.  Dee and the Wilson Insurance team have earned our business at each and every renewal cycle."

Mr. Bill Thomas CFO, M.A.L., Inc.

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